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Understanding Delay Skew in Ethernet Cables

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Understanding Delay Skew in Ethernet Cables

⛔ Did you know that the variation in signal propagation time between pairs of wires in Ethernet cables can impact performance?

What is Delay Skew?
Delay skew refers to the difference in propagation delay between wire pairs within an Ethernet cable. This delay can arise from differences in wire lengths, twists, or impedance, influencing the timing of data transmission.

Why Does it Matter?
Delay skew directly affects timing synchronization in networks. Excessive delay skew can lead to timing errors, data corruption, or signal integrity issues, impacting network reliability and performance. Delay skew is an important consideration in Ethernet networks, particularly in applications where precise timing synchronization is crucial, such as high-speed data transmission or PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications.

What’s Acceptable?
For well-constructed and properly installed structured cabling, delay skew should ideally be less than 50 nanoseconds over a 100-meter link. Lower values are preferred, with anything under 25ns considered excellent. A range of 45 to 50 nanoseconds is marginally acceptable.

When selecting Ethernet cables for specific applications, it’s essential to consider the delay skew specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with the requirements of the network and to maintain reliable communication between devices.

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