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Importance Of Perimeter Security

Importance Of Perimeter Security ➡️Perimeter security acts as the first line of defense against unauthorized access or intrusion in your premises. ➡️A robust perimeter security not only helps in detecting threats but also deters criminals from trying to breach it. ➡️From commercial buildings to private homes, its importance can’t be overstated for safeguarding people and […]

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5 technologies that are hot in perimeter security

Many end user organizations attach great importance to perimeter security, for which a variety detectiontechnologies are used. This note discusses some of the perimeter security technologies that are gainingtraction. Perimeter security aims to deter intrusion right at the outside of the end user’s premises. As such, it’simportant for a variety of end user entities from […]

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Bollards: Giving storefront safety a major boost

Bollards serve many purposes. For storeowners, bollards can play a key role in protecting customers/staff against vehicles crashes. This article looks at how. We often discuss electronic security systems such as video surveillance and access control. Yet certain physical barriers are also important elements in security. Among them are bollards, which have various applications. “They […]

Pros and cons of using drones for perimeter security

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, physical security has become more sophisticated and effective than ever before. One of the latest innovations in this field is the use of drones for perimeter security. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer a range of benefits over traditional security measures, including improved coverage, faster response […]

Trends in perimeter security

Does anyone else remember the good ol’ days when all you needed to secure your perimeter was to clear the land around your boundary and construct a palisade with some earthworks to fortify the line? Perhaps deploy a flock of guard geese and post some pilum-porting sentries, and you were set to stand off a […]

More customers now prefer video analytics for perimeter security

 Source: Prasanth Aby Thomas, Consultant Editor Date: 2021/12/21 Related tags: perimeter security, Video analytics Protecting the perimeters is an important part of physical security. But until recently, it was limited to hardware solutions like surveillance cameras, boom barriers, and, in less common instances, devices like radar and LiDAR. Now, video analytics, which has become […]