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Can LoRa work with a smart parking system?

Can LoRa work with a smart parking system? The answer is YES! Here’s how LoRa can work with a smart parking system according to our recent research and test. Sensor Deployment: LoRa-enabled parking sensors are installed in individual parking spaces. These sensors can detect the presence or absence of a vehicle in real-time. The sensors […]

LoRaWAN For Profitable And Efficient Utilities

Efficient use of energy and resources is good for both sustainability and profit margins. Learn how hashtag#LoRaWAN maximizes utility processes and distribution in our member-directed infographic. Disclaimer – This post has only been shared for an educational and knowledge-sharing purpose related to Technologies. Information was obtained from the source above source. All rights and credits […]

How LoRaWAN works with Cloud?

How LoRaWAN works with Cloud? LoRaWAN, collaborates with IoT clouds by enabling seamless transmission of data. IoT devices using LoRaWAN technology transmit small data packets to gateways.   These gateways receive the packets and forward them to a network server that interfaces with the cloud. Once the data reaches the cloud, it’s processed, stored, and made […]

LoRaWAN vs. WiFi HaLow

What is WiFi HaLow stand for? Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced “HAY-low”) is a marketing name used for products that utilize the IEEE 802.11ah wireless technology, which offers longer range and lower power connectivity than traditional WiFi-certified products. Here are some conclusions compared between LoRa vs, WiFi HoLow 1. Transmission Range: LoRa: Designed for extremely long-range communication, LoRa can […]

LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi

Normally, LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi are two totally different wireless communication technologies that serve distinct purposes. But I found not everyone is clear about that. So, I made a full comparison between them here. 1. Use Case and Application: LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network): LoRaWAN is designed for low-power, long-range communication. It is ideal for connecting battery-powered […]

LoRa in home water management system?

Have you considered to use LoRa in home water management system? Here’s a simple summary how LoRa can work with it according to LoRa module. Remote Water Monitoring: LoRa-enabled water sensors can be placed at various points in the home’s water supply and drainage system. These sensors can monitor water levels, flow rates, and other relevant data. […]

Can Modbus work with LoRaWAN?

Can Modbus work with LoRaWAN? The answer is YES. But we need additional hardware and software components. Here’s a summary of how LoRaWAN can work with Modbus through our research and test. LoRaWAN Device: You would start with an IoT device that supports LoRaWAN communication. This device could have various sensors or data sources that collect information you want to […]

How LoRa works with Cloud?

How LoRa works with Cloud? LoRa can work with cloud services in a number of ways. Here are some common ways LoRa workswith cloud: LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN is a protocol that allows for secure communication between LoRa devices and the cloud. It provides a standardized way for LoRa devices to communicate with LoRa gateways, which then […]

LoRa vs. ZigBee

Sometimes, some clients ask me if your LoRa products can replace ZigBee in the application? I understand they probably don’t quite understand LoRa. Maybe, you have the same question too. So, I made a summary about the important differences between them here, and may help you make a better choice in your IoT or wireless […]

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Can LoRa replace Bluetooth in IoT applications

Can LoRa replace Bluetooth in IoT applications. Normally, the answer is no. They have huge differences as follows. 1. Range: LoRa: LoRa is known for its long-range capabilities, which can extend up to several kilometers in open environments. It is designed for low-power, long-distance communication, making it suitable for applications that require connectivity over large areas. […]