AnelaTek Solutions Sdn Bhd is an innovative and unique security technology solutions provider based in Malaysia. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions for government agencies and medium to large commercial enterprises with a need for advanced security technology.

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Integrating IoT devices into existing hotel security systems: challenges and solutions

In the hospitality sector, the security of guests and assets is paramount. As the technological landscape evolves, so does the potential for security systems. The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices offers advanced monitoring and management capabilities, providing real-time insights and heightened security measures. However, the transition isn’t without its hurdles. Many hotels operate […]

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This shopping season, deter retail crimes with AI, voice-down solutions

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of retail security, especially during the shopping season. In this regard, artificial intelligence and AI-powered cameras can play an effective role. Voice-down solutions, meanwhile, can also serve as a viable crime deterrent. Today, stores and offline retailers are faced with challenges from multiple fronts. With fiercer competition from their […]

Why video analytics is inevitable in the oil and gas sector now?

Video analytics can play a crucial role in the oil and gas vertical to improve security and optimize business operations. Several factors make work at oil and gas facilities increasingly difficult. Traditional surveillancesolutions are often insufficient to meet the growing demands and rising threats. Recent geopolitical tension and economic concerns have made this all-the more […]

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Smart transportation: What Taiwan does will amaze you

Smart transportation is a key element in smart cities. Many Asian nations lead in smart transportationtechnology and innovation. This article examines what Taiwan has achieved in this regard. Smart transportation is all about IoT and data, which can help city transportation official with better planning, management and enforcement. Increasingly, AI is also used in combination […]

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Bollards: Giving storefront safety a major boost

Bollards serve many purposes. For storeowners, bollards can play a key role in protecting customers/staff against vehicles crashes. This article looks at how. We often discuss electronic security systems such as video surveillance and access control. Yet certain physical barriers are also important elements in security. Among them are bollards, which have various applications. “They […]