AnelaTek Solutions Sdn Bhd is an innovative and unique security technology solutions provider based in Malaysia. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions for government agencies and medium to large commercial enterprises with a need for advanced security technology.

Hanwha Vision Thermal Camera Whitepaper

Thermal cameras are an increasingly being used across numerous industries, including construction, defense, energy, manufacturing, oil & gas, and transportation. For security professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge and competitive edge, our new thermal camera white paper provides all the information they need, like: How these cameras work, camera classification and other key terminology; […]

Hanwha Vision Launches New AI-Based Radiometric Thermal Cameras

Hanwha Vision, a global vision solution provider, ignites a new era of precision and safety in critical industries with its advanced AI-powered radiometric thermal camera lineups. These next-generation devices transcend basic security, seamlessly fusing cutting-edge artificial intelligence with temperature detection and high-performance imaging to deliver unparalleled solutions for power plants, factories, and oil and gas […]

Interview with, CH (Choong Hoon) Ha, Hanwha Vision CSMO, discussed the rapidly transforming security landscape

In a recent interview with, CH (Choong Hoon) Ha, our CSMO, discussed the rapidly transforming security landscape. “With the rapid pace of innovation, we imagine a future where security systems do more than just watch. They analyze, they inform, they act. This future is closer than you think,” said Mr. Ha. Inspired by the […]

Hanwha Vision Smart Factory Solution

Is your factory ready for the future? Imagine a factory where intelligent cameras act as your eyes and ears, providing real-time insights for predictive maintenance, optimized production flows, and enhanced security. This vision becomes reality with #HanwhaVision Smart Factory solution. Our integrated and intelligent management system leverages remote capabilities to boost operational efficiency and maximize […]

1 year of Hanwha Vision…

1 year of Hanwha Vision… …and decades of designing and manufacturing industry-leading solutions. We are celebrating one year with our new name, while reflecting on our commitment to deliver user efficiency and, ultimately, better ways of doing business. Some highlights across Europe: ▶️Taking our AI capabilities to the next level. ▶️Our continued commitment to cybersecurity, […]

Why Choose Hanwha Cameras?

Why Choose Hanwha Cameras? Ever heard of Hanwha? If not, you should, and here’s why! Ed Blanton from Hanwha Vision America, and he shared some of the great reasons to use their products. 1. Seamless Integration: Hanwha Cameras work seamlessly with popular video management systems like Milestone Systems. This means you can easily incorporate them […]

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Hanwha Vision’s Smart City Solution

  Imagine a city where traffic flows seamlessly, emergencies are responded to instantly, and pedestrians feel safe at all times. That’s the future #HanwhaVision is building with our cutting-edge Smart City solution. Join us in creating a smarter, safer future for everyone. Cities that thrive, not just survive. Want to learn more smart solutions?