AnelaTek Solutions Sdn Bhd is an innovative and unique security technology solutions provider based in Malaysia. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions for government agencies and medium to large commercial enterprises with a need for advanced security technology.


1 year of Hanwha Vision…

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1 year of Hanwha Vision…

…and decades of designing and manufacturing industry-leading solutions.

We are celebrating one year with our new name, while reflecting on our commitment to deliver user efficiency and, ultimately, better ways of doing business.

Some highlights across Europe:
▶️Taking our AI capabilities to the next level.

▶️Our continued commitment to cybersecurity, for example ensuring we are NIS2 and CRA ready, to support our customers.

▶️Our Hanwha Innovation and Technology Experience (HITE) centre in the UK.

▶️Recognition for SolidEDGE, the first real VMS on the edge, and which paves the way for more sustainable solutions.

▶️Growing our partnerships across nationwide.

Hanwha Vision - Global Vision Solution Provider



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