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Types of cloud services

There are 3 types of cloud services: Disclaimer – This post has only been shared for an educational and knowledge-sharing purpose related to Technologies. Information was obtained from the source above source. All rights and credits are reserved for the respective owner(s). Keep Learning , Keep Growing Source: LinkedIn Credits: Mr. Andriej Sazanowicz (Information Security […]

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Cloud Computing!

☁️ Cloud Computing! Introduction: ● Cloud Computing revolutionizes how we store, process, and access data. ● It replaces traditional infrastructure with virtualized, on-demand services. Advantages: 1. Scalability: Grow your resources as your business expands. 2. Cost-Efficiency: Pay only for the resources you consume. 3. Global Accessibility: Access your data and applications from anywhere. 4. Reliability: […]

⭕ Cloud Deployment Models

⭕ Cloud Deployment Models: ✅ Public cloud: Shared resources hosted by a third-party provider . Like Amazon , Google ✅ Private cloud: Dedicated resources hosted by the organization or by a third-party provider. Like VMware vSphere ✅ Hybrid cloud: Combination of public and private cloud resources. ✅ Multi-cloud: Use of multiple public cloud providers. Disclaimer […]

How LoRa works with Cloud?

How LoRa works with Cloud? LoRa can work with cloud services in a number of ways. Here are some common ways LoRa workswith cloud: LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN is a protocol that allows for secure communication between LoRa devices and the cloud. It provides a standardized way for LoRa devices to communicate with LoRa gateways, which then […]

Are you planning to Migrate On Cloud?

Are you planning to Migrate On Cloud? Here is a Cloud Migration Questionnaire for Solutions Architects. The questions you must ask your customers before migrating their on-premise workload to AWS Cloud. ☑️Why do you want to migrate to the cloud? ☑️How many code changes can you afford as part of migration? ☑️What type of database […]

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Processing video analytics in retail –edge or cloud?

In the previous articles we explored how retail video analytics could address various issues facing retailers. More and more, these analytics are moving to the edge due to various advantages. This article discusses the latest in edge AI vs. cloud AI in retail surveillance. Offline retailers face a variety of challenges nowadays. Among them are […]

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Cloud Security Assessment Checklist

Cloud Security Assessment Checklist 🔶Access management🔹Who has access to your cloud system?🔹What devices can access the system?🔹Do you allow guests to access the cloud account?🔹What permissions do guest accounts have?🔹Is multi-factor authentication enabled (and does it have at least two steps)? 🔶Directory service🔹Do you have an LDAP-compliant directory to keep the identities?🔹How often do you […]

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Choosing a Cloud Deployment Model

Organizations considering cloud migration must understand the available deployment models to make the best possible business decision. Various models offer different benefits and drawbacks in areas including cost, governance, security, scalability, management, and flexibility. #1 Is Public Cloud For You? With the public cloud, your cloud services provider owns the infrastructure and makes it accessible […]