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Are you planning to Migrate On Cloud?


Are you planning to Migrate On Cloud? Here is a Cloud Migration Questionnaire for Solutions Architects.

The questions you must ask your customers before migrating their on-premise workload to AWS Cloud.

☑️Why do you want to migrate to the cloud?

☑️How many code changes can you afford as part of migration?

☑️What type of database are you using?

☑️What type of load balancers are you using?

☑️What application servers and versions are you using?

☑️What operating system are you using?

☑️Is your application public facing?

☑️Is your application stateful or stateless?

☑️Is your application containerized?

☑️What are the current resource requirements of the servers?

☑️How is your workload variation?

☑️What are your logging and monitoring requirements?

☑️What is your current backup strategy?

☑️How do you build, package and deploy your application?

☑️What type of security services are you using?

☑️Where do you store application configuration details?

☑️How do you manage your infrastructure?

☑️What are your RTO and RPO requirements?

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Credits: Chirag Modi

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