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Type of LANs ——-> SOHO LANs

Type of LANs ——-> SOHO LANs One of the most common local-area deployments is the Small-Office / Home-Office LAN (SOHO). It is a small computer network usually built of one Ethernet switch, one router, and one wireless access point. The LAN uses Ethernet cables to connect different end-devices to one of the switch ports. Disclaimer […]

Fiber optic networks rely on fiber patch cords

Fiber optic networks rely on fiber patch cords The colorful connectors that link devices like switches, routers, and servers. But have you ever wondered what the cable color means? It serves as a clue to the fiber type, mode, and supported speed Let’s delve into the world of multimode fiber (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and […]

Hanwha Vision cutting-edge AI solutions Award Winning

Hanwha Vision cutting-edge AI solutions Award Winning Hanwha Vision is proud to announce three recent awards for our cutting-edge AI solutions. Our award-winning 4CH multi-directional camera and FLEX AI technology deliver exceptional security and efficiency, while our AI Smart Parking Solution enhances user experience and streamlines parking management. Discover more about our award-winning solutions at […]

Hanwha Vision Merklingen Train Station

Hanwha Vision Merklingen Train Station Merklingen Train Station has become the world’s largest electric vehicle charging park with 259 charging points powered by locally generated solar energy. Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet WAVE video management system, known for its NDAA compliance and open platform, was selected to manage the station’s facilities. Alongside 37 cameras, the system provides […]

5G : The new era for network cameras

5G : The new era for network cameras The emergence of 5G technology is not just a step, but a giant leap for network cameras. It is revolutionizing video surveillance and transforming how industries operate. Offering unprecedented speed, reliability, and bandwidth, 5G empowers network cameras to deliver high-resolution video in real time, even in the […]

Hanwha Vision’s Smart City Solution

As Hanoi, Vietnam grows into one of the top 100 smart cities in the world, Hanwha Vision is proud to be an integral part of this success by providing customized AI surveillance solutions specifically for Vietnam’s traffic monitoring segment. Learn more about how Hanwha Vision is supporting Hanoi here: Feel free to connect with […]

Firewall vs Antivirus

Firewall vs Antivirus | Via: Ethical Hackers Academy ® Disclaimer – This post has only been shared for an educational and knowledge-sharing purpose related to Technologies. Information was obtained from the source above source. All rights and credits are reserved for the respective owner(s). Keep learning and keep growing Source: LinkedIn Credits: Mr. Senthamil Selvan […]

Introducing the QNV-C6083R is an AI camera

Introducing one of the latest additions to the Q series lineup, the QNV-C6083R is an AI camera that enables real-time video monitoring without requiring a network, thanks to its HDMI output. This makes it an ideal solution for real-time surveillance, allowing users to monitor areas for safety and protection from potential dangers such as vehicle […]

IoT Microcontroller

IoT Microcontroller The IoT microcontroller market is booming, driven by the rapid adoption of smart devices and connected technologies! From smart homes to industrial automation , these tiny but powerful chips are at the heart of modern innovation. With advancements in low-power consumption and increased processing capabilities, IoT microcontrollers are becoming more efficient and versatile […]