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AI mapping platform feeds smart city applications

Nexar’s network of “eyes on the road”, edge AI and change detection capabilities aims to tell vehicles what’s coming their way, enabling them to react. Artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision company Nexar is releasing a real-time mapping (RTM) platform to help cities create mobility applications and services. CityStream Live is an AI-curated road data feed […]

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Smart transportation: What Taiwan does will amaze you

Smart transportation is a key element in smart cities. Many Asian nations lead in smart transportationtechnology and innovation. This article examines what Taiwan has achieved in this regard. Smart transportation is all about IoT and data, which can help city transportation official with better planning, management and enforcement. Increasingly, AI is also used in combination […]

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The Role of IoT in Building Sustainable Smart Cities

In recent years, the concept of smart cities has gained significant attention as urban areas strive to become more sustainable, efficient, and livable. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major factor in thetransition we are seeing, which is composed of numerous devices that are interconnected and canexchange information. This article explores the vital role […]

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Simplifying the smart city

Donna Moore of the LoRa Alliance highlights how the LoRaWAN networking protocol and ecosystem can address a municipality’s desired outcomes, costs, and goals. The concept of smart cities has existed for many years now, and yet, most municipalities are just starting their smart journeys. In many ways, the timing is perfect as there is now […]

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What is Smart Traffic?

What is Smart Traffic? Smart traffic is a technology-driven approach to improving the flow of traffic on roads and highways. It involves the use of various smart devices, such as sensors, cameras, and other data collection tools, to gather real-time data on traffic patterns and conditions. This data is then used to optimize traffic flow, […]

SPTel LoRaWAN network covers Singapore heartland

SPTel has launched Singapore’s first sensor network powered by LoRaWAN. The SPTel Sensor Network allows authenticated sensor devices to wirelessly connect to its secure IoT-as-a-service platform and backhaul connectivity. Instead of investing to build their own network, businesses and IoT solutionproviders can now connect to this network with ease, speed and cost efficiency, which was […]

What does a smart city look like? How video surveillance AI is changing our cities

Writing for IFSEC Global, Lucy Booker explores just how AI-based video surveillance ischanging urban environments – and what future smart cities might look like. ‘Smart cities’ – also known as ‘safe cities’ – are on the rise around the globe. These hyperconnectedinfrastructures collect data from buildings, people and devices to enhance our daily lives. Whether […]

Bangkok to deploy AI-based traffic prediction technology

BlueSignal is collaborating with the Thai government to deploy AI-based CCTV traffic prediction technology for congested roads in and around the city. It forms part of the Thai government’s wider smart city project for its capital city. BlueSignal will supply its Navi Box CCTV technology, which shows multi-speed calculation of cars and object tracking through […]