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15 Interview points for Microwave Tx

15 Interview points for Microwave Tx 1- Each modulation order has specific signal to noise ratio target should be reached 2- As order of modulation increases , Target SNR increases too 3- As order of modulation increases , link capacity increases 4- That happens because number of symbols and bits per symbol increases over the […]

Microwave Frequency Bands!

Microwave Frequency Bands! Do you know what is the band that used in 5G Microwave Link? Tell me in comments your answers. Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of microwave frequency bands? Let’s take a closer look at some of the commonly recognized frequency bands and their applications. L Band: Ranging from 1 […]

Microwave Antenna Components

Photo Credits to Telecom Hall Forum Microwave Antenna Components:- #Frequency: The frequency of the microwave signals the antenna is designed to transmit or receive, typically specified in gigahertz (GHz). #Wavelength: The distance between successive peaks (or troughs) of a wave. In microwave communications, wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. #Parabolic Reflector: A reflector shaped like […]