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15 Interview points for Microwave Tx


15 Interview points for Microwave Tx

1- Each modulation order has specific signal to noise ratio target should be reached

2- As order of modulation increases , Target SNR increases too

3- As order of modulation increases , link capacity increases

4- That happens because number of symbols and bits per symbol increases over the carrier

5- Bit error rate probability increases too as with higher modulation order

6- Usually we use digital modulation QAM

7- Microwave Links are capable to send Traffic with modulation from QPSK till 4096 and 8192 QAM

8- That means up to 13 bit per symbol

9- When the channel conditions changed , modulation order should be changed too

10- In adaptive modulation, Modulation can be up shifted or downshifted

11- In fixed modulation , order of modulation and capacity will remain constant

12- Fixed modulation can be used with TDM traffic like E1 , STM-1 to carry 2G voice for example

13- Adaptive modulation commonly used with hybrid and all packets Traffic

14- Hybrid traffic = TDM traffic & Ether Traffc

15- Pesudo wire can carry encapsulated TDM Traffic over packet switching networks and its widely used with all packet networks

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