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Understanding iSCSI: A Powerful Network Storage Protocol

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Understanding iSCSI: A Powerful Network Storage Protocol

iSCSI, or Internet Small Computer System Interface, is a network protocol that enables network devices to access network drives and block-level data over a TCP/IP network through shared storage. ️

Key Components of iSCSI:
iSCSI Initiator: The client machine that creates the storage network and connects to the Target to access network drives and data.
iSCSI Target: The server responsible for providing storage/data for the Initiator and other connected clients.

Advantages of iSCSI:
Ease of Management: iSCSI uses standard Ethernet and does not require any special switches, making it a more straightforward and cost-effective option compared to other SAN solutions, which often rely on Fibre Channel.
Scalability: Administrators can easily expand storage to meet client needs, enhancing scalability.

Limitations to Consider:
Higher Latency: Since iSCSI runs on Ethernet and TCP/IP, it shares the network with other workloads, potentially making virtual machines vulnerable to latency issues.

Despite these concerns, iSCSI remains a highly manageable and scalable solution for many network storage needs. Its cost-effectiveness and use of standard infrastructure make it a compelling choice for many organizations.
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