AnelaTek Solutions Sdn Bhd is an innovative and unique security technology solutions provider based in Malaysia. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions for government agencies and medium to large commercial enterprises with a need for advanced security technology.

AxxonSoft set to launch unified cloud security solution

AxxonSoft has announced it is set to launch a new unified cloud security solution, Axxon Air, designed to reshape the field of video surveillance through its cloud-managed VMS. Cloud-managed VMS refers to a system that utilizes physical servers on-site, which are then managed and controlled through a cloud-based service. This approach offers several advantages in […]

AxxonSoft Advanced Video Analytics

Advanced Video Analytics offers an optimal analytics solution tailored for private properties, small to medium enterprises, retail establishments, commercial complexes, warehouses, and logistics centers. Its capabilities extend to advanced intrusion detection, including loitering alarms and identification of individuals or objects entering predefined zones. Moreover, it ensures compliance with health and safety regulations by monitoring no-parking […]

Axxon One’s newest enhancements make monitoring multi-story buildings map

Axxon One’s newest enhancements make monitoring multi-story buildings map Axxon One’s newest enhancements make monitoring multi-story buildings map a breeze. Our intuitive interface overlays all cameras onto a map, color-coded by their status, ensuring you can instantly spot any issues. With just a click, pinpoint the exact location of your selected camera on the map and effortlessly […]

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THE IMPORTANCE OF CYBERSECURITY TO PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS Most experts consider #cybersecurity to be one of the major trends that will influence the development of #VMS systems in the near future. Increasing efforts to strengthen security, including legislative initiatives regarding data protection and privacy, organizations’ efforts to create more secure infrastructures, and the development of […]

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Explore Similarity Search With AXXON ONE 2.0

EXPLORE SIMILARITY SEARCH WITH AXXON ONE 2.0 Discover the power of hashtag#AI hashtag#videoanalytics using the Axxon One intelligent video management system. Explore the advanced search feature that extracts object appearance metadata from live video feeds and reliably stores it in a database. By analyzing metadata from multiple cameras, an intelligent algorithm swiftly identifies and presents […]

AxxonSoft welcomes you to SMART NATION Expo & Forum 2023

Discover the benefits of AxxonSoft top products Come and explore the cutting-edge security solutions offered by AxxonSoft at SMART NATION Expo & Forum 2023 , taking place from September 19th to 21th, 2023, at the MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a range of advanced features, including people counting, intrusion detection, access control, and license plate recognition, AxxonSoft’s products provide real-time […]