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Why video analytics is inevitable in the oil and gas sector now?

Video analytics can play a crucial role in the oil and gas vertical to improve security and optimize business operations. Several factors make work at oil and gas facilities increasingly difficult. Traditional surveillancesolutions are often insufficient to meet the growing demands and rising threats. Recent geopolitical tension and economic concerns have made this all-the more […]

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Explosion-protected cameras: 4 things to know about them

In industrial settings, sparks from electrical devices, IP cameras included, have the potential to triggerexplosions. Having explosion-protected cameras, then, becomes critical. This article discusses what to know about these cameras. Needless to say, industrial settings can be prone to fires and explosions. These disasters incur heavy damage to the manufacturer, not to mention casualties. According […]

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What to know when buying explosion-proof CCTV camera

A few verticals like oil & gas and chemical processing industries need explosion-proof CCTV cameras because they function in hazardous conditions. The possibility of accidents such as a fire in an offshore or onshore oil rig, refineries, or even gas stations are high, and to secure such places, you will need cameras that are flame-proof […]

Shrouds on Cable Glands – is it allowed?

So #IECEx, #ATEX, & #explosionproof & #oilandgasindustry Professionals – let’s take a deepbreath and look at the answer. IEC 60079.14 is silent about the use of Cable Gland Shrouds. BUT… 60079.43 provides conditions for their use in adverse environments. So the answer is: It Depends. Why is that? So, there are some Parent Companies that […]