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2023 HanwhaVision

In 2023, Hanwha Vision achieved several milestones.

In 2023, Hanwha Vision achieved several milestones. We changed our name, met with clients and partners globally, and were featured at major industry events. We also reimagined our Global Experience Center and introduced cutting-edge technologies like the world’s first serverless camera, SolidEdge.

Our dedication to innovation helped us to win prestigious industry awards, and our Vietnam manufacturing facility reached a cumulative production of 10 million units in the past five years. As we look to the future, Hanwha Vision is committed to creating solutions that deliver even more value and insights, and our technologies will continue to contribute to building a sustainable future.

The world’s first serverless camera, SolidEdge, earned the 2023 Reader’s Choice Award and US Security Today’s Product of the year award for its groundbreaking technology and ability to deliver unparalleled performance and security. Learn more about its award-winning features here:

Bi-spectrum AI Thermal cameras were recognized with the 2023 FIST Award and 2023 GIT SICHERHEIT Award, which utilizes advanced AI and thermal imaging for exceptional security in challenging conditions. See how each models compare:

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