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What Type of Drone Can I Fly?

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From 1st January 2024 the drone open category becomes fully applicable

If you have a drone without a class mark you can fly:
– if the drone has a weight less than 250g, in open category A1 (avoid to fly over crowds and not directly over people);
– if the drone has a weight below 25kg, in open category A3 (in a area where no uninvolved people is present and at least 150 m from residential, recreational, commercial or industrial area);

EASA clarified that in absence of the identification of the maximum take off mass of the drone, the remote pilot can determine the weight of their drone before flight and identify if its weight is below 250g (or 25 kg). This is the case for all drones without class mark, since the requirement to declare the maximum take off mass is only imposed to manufacturers for drones with class mark.
In the article published by EASA you can find also other interesting information on what will happen since 1st January 2024. Please enjoy it.

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