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Server cooling technology – Liquid cooling

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⭕ Server cooling technology :
– Air cooling 
– liquid cooling
– Cabinet cooling
✅ liquid cooling
Liquid cooling ditches fans and air altogether, instead circulating a coolant directly through servers to absorb heat. This heat is then transferred to heat exchangers for dissipation, similar to your car’s engine coolant system.
◼ Highly efficient: Removes heat more effectively than air, allowing for denser server packing and increased performance.
◼ Reduced energy consumption: Can significantly decrease energy usage compared to air cooling, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
◼ Quieter operation: Less fan noise contributes to a quieter and more pleasant data center environment.
◼ Higher initial cost: More expensive to install and maintain compared to air cooling due to specialized equipment and expertise needed.
◼ Complexity: Requires careful planning, implementation, and monitoring to avoid leaks and ensure proper operation.
◼ Leakage risk: Potential for leaks can damage equipment and require immediate attention.
Ideal for:
High-density data centers with densely packed servers generating significant heat.

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