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CCTV Control Room Operator Job Description – Part Two

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CCTV Control Room Operator Job Description – Part Two

This post provides activities that make up the Job Description of a CCTV operator and follows from the previous one that looked at the Purpose of the Job and Qualities of the CCTV operator. This is provided free to any who want to use it. Feel welcome to comment.


– Identify perimeter and site intrusions, and the unauthorized presence of people on site using the CCTV system and other electronic security systems
– Monitor CCTV for signs of crime incident behaviour, and violations of rules and procedures including safety protocols on site.
– Monitor site operational or production processes to identify deviations, breakdowns, or shortfalls in performance.
– Integrate conventional and AI information from internal system sources, and internal and external information databases, in order to make on-site decisions on possible risks and threats to site.
– Use appropriate static and PTZ cameras to capture essential operational information and appropriate evidence of incident or crime scenes during and after the event, including tracking people of interest across the site.
– Communicate circumstances of all events and emergencies to response personnel and relevant organisational and outside contacts according to situational and SOP requirements in a calm and composed manner.
– Coordinate and brief response personnel on updated incident scene conditions and most effective routes to incident location.
– Receive incoming calls and radio communication, identify key aspects of communication, and respond clearly and appropriately.
– Ensure that the collection of CCTV footage and processing and handling of recorded material of incidents meets evidential integrity requirements.
– Identify and respond to alarms according to SOPs.
– Track and monitor status of vehicles of special interest and adherence to route requirements as necessary.
– Target high risk areas, events and conditions for special monitoring
– Conduct reviews of CCTV footage to audit or analyse incidents or high risk areas.
– Analyse and classify incident information for inclusion in site reporting system to meet internal intelligence needs.
– Maintain occurrence book and logs of all incident events in a clear and factual manner.
– Deal with client/customer queries in a professional and courteous manner, resolve concerns or possible conflict situations, and promptly arrange a logged response to query.
– Conduct camera and system checks to ensure equipment is working, and report and log all equipment failures in a timely manner – identify and report failure to rectify faults within specified parameters.
– Monitor and audit access control and search points to ensure appropriate service quality and effectiveness of security personal in those areas.
– Maintain control of access to control room and logging of all visitors.
– Adhere to control room rules, regulations, and security standards.

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