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CCTV Control Room Operator Job Description – Part One

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CCTV Control Room Operator Job Description – Part One

I was asked around the middle of last year whether I had a job description that a client could use. Given that the one’s I had were all old and didn’t reflect recent technology and risk focused changes, I thought I’d develop a new one that I thought was relevant to the industry and that anyone can use. I spent some time thinking of how to make it available and finally decided to do it on LinkedIn. I’m sharing it publicly as open source for people to use, adjust, comment on or for simple discussion. You may well have different ideas or changes, but share your views and lets see if we can build on this. Its free for public or corporate use and please note I’m not legally liable for any use or implementation of this job description. I’ve divided it into parts, where part one outlines the Purpose of the Job, and Qualities of the Operator. Part two will provide the job activities that make up the job description.


To protect the site, people, resources, and operations using CCTV and other electronic security equipment to monitor, detect, and act on incident conditions and warning signs. To respond to conditions through the dispatch and alerting of appropriate resources, to gather evidence of involvement and outcomes, and to facilitate management actions to handle any events or emergencies for the organisation. To enhance site operations and develop a positive image of security by constructively handling all control room communication in a calm, composed and service orientated manner.


Observation and visual analysis skills
Trained in crime behaviour detection and analysis
Maintain concentration and vigilance for long periods of time
Maintain a calm and composed manner under demanding conditions
Emotional resilience to handling incidents of a violent or difficult nature
Computer skills and data entry and interrogation
Able to maintain confidentiality of control room and event information in work and social conditions
Able to analyse video events for relevant information and evidence purposes
Able to listen carefully to communication during an incident and remember essential details
Conflict management
Telephone and client handling skills
Communicate to others clearly and effectively
Report writing and incident logging
Evidence and crime scene handling

Disclaimer – This post has only been shared for an educational and knowledge-sharing purpose related to Technologies. Information was obtained from the source above source. All rights and credits are reserved for the respective owner(s).

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Source: LinkedIn

Credits: Mr. Craig Donald’s Post

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