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CCTV components & Future Trends

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⭕ CCTV components

VMS (Video Management System): is the software brains behind a CCTV system.
CCTV cameras: CCTV cameras capture video footage.
✅Lenses: Lenses focus the light onto the camera sensor.
Digital video recorders (DVRs): DVRs record analog video footage.
Network video recorders (NVRs): NVRs record digital video footage.
Video Encoder: It converts the analog video signal from cameras into a digital format for transmission and recording on NVRs.
Cables and connectors: Cables and connectors connect the different components of the CCTV system.

⭕CCTV future trends

High-definition (HD) CCTV: HD CCTV systems produce high-quality images.
Cloud-based CCTV: Cloud-based CCTV systems allow users to access and manage their CCTV systems from anywhere in the world.
Artificial intelligence (AI) in CCTV: AI is being used to develop intelligent CCTV systems that can automatically detect and track objects.
Edge cameras: with built-in processing power will analyze video data on-site, reducing reliance on central servers and improving response times.

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