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Physical Security

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Physical security threats ranked high within business enterprises this year. These threats included and did not limit to unauthorized entry, theft and burglary, vandalism etc. Physical security describes security measures that are designed to protect business intangible and tangible assets from damage or harm.

A business cannot approve any physical security investment without first establishing which measures are needed. A thorough risk assessment becomes an invaluable tool in adapting and adding onto the existing baseline physical security measures in place.

The best physical security systems are those that comprise layers designed to complicate the adversary’s path. Each physical security system layer should be balanced to meet the main levels of protection that include:-

1.Deter – The physical security system should be designed as a deterrence to give a clear message to adversaries that trespassing is not only difficult, it is also highly likely that they will be caught. Deterrence physical security systems include perimeter fences, security guards, CCTV surveillance, access controls etc.

2. Detect – Detection should be designed in the physical security system to catch any adversary that manages to get past the deterrence measures. Detection physical security systems include CCTV surveillance, motion sensors, intruder alarms, exterior lighting etc.

3. Delay – While most physical security systems can deter and detect adversaries, they should also be designed to effectively delay them thus creating time for response and neutralization or apprehension. For instance access control systems require credentials to open a locked door, slowing an intruder down and making it easier to apprehend them.

4. Respond – Having the technology and processes to respond to adversaries and taking action is crucial for physical security, yet often overlooked. Response physical security measures include communication systems, security guards, designated first responders and processes for locking down a site and alerting law enforcement.

The true test for businesses when it comes to physical security systems is the identification and evaluation of the appropriate and effective systems commensurate to their target risks. As well as monitoring the efficacy of the physical security systems as time progresses. What worked for the business five years ago may not work today. The business may need to upgrade its physical security systems because as threats advance and evolve adversaries innovate new MOs to infiltrate physical security protection layers hence the criticality for businesses to constantly keep monitoring and reviewing their physical security systems to ensure they still work and perform as intended.

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