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Hanwha Vision unveils SolidEDGE, a serverless VMS on the edge

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A true serverless solution, the SolidEDGE camera runs the WAVE VMS on the edge. It meets the growing need for a more efficient and cost-effective video recording solution, without the need for a costly and space-consuming server.

•    Designed around energy-saving principles, SolidEDGE delivers a sustainable approach for security and monitoring demands.

•   SolidEDGE eliminates the need for expensive servers or IT rack space, making it the ideal choice for retail and small business applications.

•   Each SolidEDGE camera can connect with up to 5 additional cameras, enabling organisations to easily expand and customise their surveillance.

•   Up to 30 servers can be merged with SolidEDGE through WAVE Sync, making it the ideal serverless solution for businesses with multiple properties.

•   Access and manage security systems from anywhere using the WAVE Mobile App, for a highly flexible offering.

•   Available in two models with up to 2TB of SSD storage, allowing for space and maintenance time savings.

•   A hard-wearing design with reinforced durability features such as enhanced grounding frame structures that protect the camera from transient voltage.

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