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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Have you ever asked yourself what an is or how does it work?

Example of APIs in real life: image you are in a restaurant with your girlfriend and you order a plate of pasta by the waiter (API). The order-request is taken to the kitchen and after the request-check by the kitchen the order will be processed. The prepared food will be provided to the waiter (API) for delivery. Your order will be served to you! This process is similar to an API-function.

Basics: let’s say you want to communicate with a certain system but you don’t have access to the internals of that system (e.g. source code). So the only way you’re able to communicate with the system is through the API layer (known as endpoint). A classic example of this topic is the access to a website-service through your Google or Microsoft credentials. So have you ever asked yourself how is it even possible to access to a website-service directly from the website itself with Google credentials or to book a flight of another company (e.g. Emirates, Delta Air Lines, etc.) on a different website (e.g. Expedia Group, Travelocity, etc.)?

Most of the time the correct answer is: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

APIs in the MES context: great MES providers deliver normally great APIs as well which enable you to build cool applications for your smart & digital-factory (e.g. to collect machine states or measure values for quality purposes). With APIs you can do a lot! These are just a few examples!

This is of course just a “basic of a basic explanation” of an API and MES because otherwise I have to write 30 pages about it. If you’re interested to learn more about the topics I post just write me a private message or leave a comment down below and I will be glad to answer your questions or to help you if I can!

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Credits: Mr. Walid Majid’s Post

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