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Taiwan AI solutions work wonders in security applications and beyond

Taiwan AI solutions work wonders in security applications and beyond

Taiwan AI solutions work wonders in security applications and beyond

Needless to say, security and AI have become more intertwined. From facial recognition to smart search, AI applications can help users achieve various security and non-security objectives. This article looks at some of the cutting-edge Taiwan AI solutions that were on display at Secutech, held April 24 to 26.


VIVOTEK showcased their AI-based smart search solution using different attributes. The solution is based on VIVOTEK’s AI cameras which extract metadata at the edge and send it to the backend. The user can then enter criteria such as male with blue shirt and gray pants, and the system will pull all relevant video. This can help speed up the search process, narrow down search areas and get the suspect more quickly.

According to Ryan Chiu, Project Manager at VIVIOTEK, this year’s edition is an upgrade from last year with various new features.

“The algorithm has been upgraded to be able to recognize more attributes and filter out those that are irrelevant. But more importantly, the system can now generate reports listing all areas a suspect has appeared in and the associated timestamps and thumbnails. The report can be exported and shared to all relevant parties in the search process. It’s more than smart search. It’s what we call a case vault,” Chiu said.

According to Chiu, the solution can benefit various end user types. “It can be good for dealing with retail theft, museum burglaries and other public safety issues. You can enter the descriptions given by eyewitnesses and all video matching those descriptions will come out,” Chiu said.

In fact, here in Taiwan, an incident happened in mid-May when a criminal convicted for attempted murder escaped from the psychological ward he was confined in. The criminal wandered around in Taipei for days before being caught and returned to the institute. Smart search solutions like VIVOTEK’s can be quite useful in speeding up the search and arrest process.


RogersAI, meanwhile, unveiled their 3D identity recognition AI computing terminal for access control and attendance. The solution is special in that instead of facial recognition, it authenticates by way of people’s facial depth features.

“It’s based on a 3D time-of-flight camera that captures a person’s facial depth information,” said Paige Chang, Project Manager at RogersAI. “Each person has a unique set of facial depth features, and our AI can identify individuals based on that.”

According to Chang, their solution has certain advantages over facial recognition.

“Our benefits are threefold. One, using facial depth, face-spoofing can be effectively avoided. Second, illumination is not needed. Since our solution is based on a TOF camera, it works even in total darkness. Finally, only facial depth data is stored in the solution, ensuring that the user’s privacy is well-protected,” Chang said.

She notes that the solution can be beneficial for various vertical markets.

“It’s good for banks, offices and hospitals … places where critical areas need to be well protected. Pharmacies at hospitals and vaults at banks are examples. A lot of these places are protected by multifactor authentication, and our solution can be one of the factors,” Chang said, adding their solution is deployed in both Taiwan and abroad.

“We’re collaborating with a renowned Taiwan fitness franchise where their members can get in and out of the facilities via our solution, which can be integrated with doors, gates and barriers. The solution is also deployed throughout our offices in Taiwan. Also our solution can be found in Southeast Asia, North America and Central America,” Chang notes.


Foresight, meanwhile, exhibited a variety of AI solutions. The company began as research group incubated in a university and has now become its own business entity specializing in AI for various applications. Their AI UPS and Skyeye solutions, for example, can be quite useful in helping factories improve yield rates, which are critical to a manufacturer’s success.

“From traditional factories to advanced IC foundries, a low yield rate is a common pain point and cannot be tolerated. Our AI UPS can analyze data, predict an impending yield rate drop and issue alerts accordingly. It is used by some of Taiwan’s top display panel manufacturers,” said Bear Tseng, Sales Engineer at Foresight.

He continued: “Our Skyeye is visual-based and can be trained to identify good products from bad ones. One of our clients, for example, is a food manufacturer and needs to separate out bad beansprouts from good ones. When the conveyor belt passes our system, it can ‘see’ which ones are good and which ones are bad, and the bad ones will be instantly blown away by a blow gun. This has helped them save cost on manpower and improve yield rates and quality control.”

Foresight also has an office AI application similar to ChatGPT. The office can input company-wide rules and guidelines into a database; the staff can then enter a query about a particular company rule and get a response instantly.

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