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Measures and Methods in Physical Security

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Measures and Methods in Physical Security

Investment in Safety & Security today will produce result in the future. What we do today to enhance the security of our business will help in deterring, detecting and delaying any possible threat and damage. For any industry, it utmost to invest in security measures because lacking in in that may result in unprecedented situation and huge damage.

Right and adequate safety measures help to prevent accidents and injuries, while security measures help to prevent criminal activity and violence. Together, they create a safe and productive work environment for employees and protect the public from any harm resulting from negligence or carelessness on the part of company staff.

There are all kinds of physical security measures, but the main types of physical security fall into four broad categories: Deter, Detect, Delay and Respond.

Levels of Physical Security

Deter- Deterrence physical security measures are focused on keeping intruders out of the secured area. Common methods include high perimeter fences, barbed wire, clear signs stating that the site has active security, CCTV camera and access control. All of these are designed to give a clear message to criminals and intruders that trespassing is not only difficult but it is also highly risky that they will be caught.

Detect- Detection works to catch any intruders if they manage to get access anyhow by passing the deterrence measures mentioned above. Some criminals might slip in behind an employee- known as tailgating or they might find a way of scaling barriers. In these cases, a physical security measure that can detect their presence quickly is crucial.

These include many types of physical security system that you are probably familiar with. Physical security controls examples include CCTV cameras, motion sensors, intruder alarms. If an intruder is spotted quickly, it makes it much easier for security staff to delay them getting any further, and to contact security agency if needed.

Delay- You will notice that several physical security systems have multiple roles: they can deter as well as detect. Many of the physical security measures above also effectively delay intruders. Access control systems require credentials to open a locked door, slowing an intruder down and making it easier to apprehend them.

Respond- Having the technology and processes to respond to intruders and take action is crucial for physical security, yet often overlooked. Response physical security measures include communication systems, security guards, designated first responders and processes for locking down a site and alerting law enforcement.

Physical security controls come in a variety of forms like perimeter fences, to guards and security cameras.  Many physical security components have more than one function, and when several methods are combined, they are very effective at preventing or intercepting intruders and criminal activity. 

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