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AI wall mount camera unveiled by Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision

AI wall mount camera unveiled by Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision has unveiled a new 5MP AI IR wall mount camera, the TNV-C8011RW, designed for entrances, exits, retail outlets, drive-throughs and self-checkout areas.

According to the company, unlike cameras mounted high on walls which typically provide a top-down view, the TNV-C8011RW is designed to be installed at eye level, so clear views of faces are possible, even when individuals are wearing hats or using umbrellas.

A panoramic lens provides a nearly 180-degree field of view, with an adjustable tilt lens of 土25 degrees, resulting in no blind spots.

A different point of view

Meanwhile a 5MP resolution captures all the detail required to identify persons of interest – enhancing security and customer experience.

Infrared (IR) functionality at distances of up to 15 metres also helps deliver clear images in varying lighting conditions.

In addition to optimum mounting for identification purposes, the TNV-C8011RW uses AI to support the accurate detection and classification of people and other objects, improving operator efficiency and reducing false alarms, Hanwha reports.

This frees teams to focus on higher-value tasks, as the intelligent solution only alerts them to events requiring their attention.

Forensic search via metadata generated by the camera reduces the time operators must spend searching for specific events, while AI analytics are carried out ‘at the edge’ – in camera – eliminating the cost of maintaining separate computing infrastructure.

Meanwhile compression technology, WiseStream Ⅲ, reduces data size and bandwidth while maintaining a high image quality, for a cost-effective offering.

Operational intelligence with Hanwha Vision

The camera also includes business intelligence features such as people counting, vehicle counting, queue management and heatmapping.

These are ideal for use in entrances and exits, lobby spaces, retail locations and drive-throughs to predict busy periods, inform staffing schedules and improve the customer experience.

For example, operators can open additional checkouts when queues begin to form, while heatmap insights can highlight busy areas to influence store layouts, advertising and more.

While designed for mounting at eye level on walls, the TNV-C8011RW’s anti-ligature, rounded design and compact 167x80x57mm form ensure it remains discrete in day-to-day use.

A white body colour can be replaced by an optional black skin cover (SBC-140WB), helping the camera blend into a range of interiors, while the camera can be installed on a wall or pole and using a separate tilt mount accessory (SBV-140TBW), it can be tilted down to 20 degrees.

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