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⭕ LVM (Logical Volume Management)

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⭕ LVM (Logical Volume Management) is a method of managing logical disks within a physical disk or group of physical disks. It provides a layer of abstraction between the physical disks and the operating system, allowing you to create and manage logical volumes (LVs) that are independent of the physical disks. LVs can be resized, moved, and cloned, and they can be used to create filesystems, swap partitions, and other types of storage.
⭕LVM over RAID is a combination of LVM and RAID. It allows you to create LVs that are striped across multiple physical disks, providing improved performance.
The main features of LVM over RAID are:
✅Performance: LVM over RAID can provide improved performance
✅Redundancy: LVM over RAID can provide redundancy in case of a disk failure.
✅Flexibility: LVM over RAID is very flexible.
✅Ease of management: LVM provides a single, centralized management interface for all of your disks and LVs. This makes it easy to track disk usage, create and manage LVs, and troubleshoot problems.
✅Scalability: LVM is very scalable. You can easily add new disks to your system and expand your LVs as your needs grow.
✅Security: LVM provides a number of security features, such as encryption and access control lists, to help protect your data.

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