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📍What is Fiber Optics?

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📍What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber Optic is the transmission of information in the form of light through a transparent medium, typically high-purity glass.

》Why we use Fiber Optics ?

Superior performance -High capacity for information (bandwidth)

-Low-loss/long-distance transmission

Easy to install

-Small size and light weight

-No shielding required

-Easy to test and certify


-No Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Secure medium

-Very difficult to tap

Easy to upgrade

-Using existing cable (upgrade end equipment)

》What are the Fiber applications ?

-Long-distance telephone service providers

-Traffic control -Military applications

-Factory automation/control systems

-Undersea communication systems

-Cable television

-Local telephone service providers

-Customer premise communications

》How Fiber optics works?

The Optical fiber communication process transmits a signal in the form of light which is first converted into the light from electrical signals and transmitted, and then vice versa happens on the receiving side.

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