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What is an industrial switch?

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What is an industrial switch?
An industrial switch is a networking device designed for harsh environments, such as factories, power plants, and oil rigs. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Unlike your typical home or office switch, industrial switches are much more rugged and reliable.
The Industrial Switch VS office switch :
Temperature extremes: While your office switch wilts at 90°F, an industrial switch can handle scorching heat or freezing cold, from -40°C to 75°C.
Dust and Vibration: Remember that factory floor? Industrial switches are built to withstand dust, dirt, and constant vibrations, unlike their office counterparts.
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Powerful machinery generates electrical noise that can disrupt data. Industrial switches have shielding and filtering to ensure reliable communication.
Imagine a bustling factory floor: robots welding parts, machines churning out products, and data zipping between devices at lightning speed. In this environment, a hiccup in the network can mean a halted production line, missed deadlines, and lost profits. That’s where industrial switches come in, the workhorses of the industrial networking world.

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