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Types of Data Centers

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Data centers are an important aspect of our digital economy. They store and manage data and drive your applications and systems, ensuring a consistent user experience. Data centers are an important aspect of our digital economy. They store and manage data and drive your applications and systems, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Types of Data Centers

Managed Data Centers

In a managed data center, a third-party service provider offers computing, data storage, and other related services to organizations directly to help them run and manage their IT operations. The service provider deploys, monitors, and manages this data center model, offering the features via a managed platform. Suitable for: The ideal users of managed data centers are medium to large businesses.

Enterprise Data Centers

An enterprise data center refers to a private facility that supports the IT operations of a single organization. It can be situated at a site off-premises or on-premises based on their convenience. This type of data center may consist of multiple data centers located at different global locations to support an organization’s key functions. Suitable for: As the name suggests, enterprise data centers are ideal for enterprises with global expansion and distinguished network requirements. It’s because they have enough revenue to support their data centers at multiple locations.

Colocation Data Centers

A colocation data center or “colo” is a facility that a business can rent from a data center owner to enable IT operations to support applications, servers, and devices. It is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially for organizations that don’t have enough resources to build and manage a DC of their own but still need it anyway. Suitable for: Colocation data centers are suitable for medium to large businesses.

Cloud Data Centers

One of the most popular types of data center these days is the cloud data center. In this type, a cloud service provider runs and manages the data center to support business applications and systems. It’s like a virtual data center with even more benefits than colocation data centers.

Suitable for: Cloud data centers are ideal for almost any organization of any type or scale.

Edge Data Centers

The most recent of all, edge data centers are still in the development stage. They are smaller data center facilities situated closer to the customers an organization serves. It utilizes the concept of edge computing by bringing the computation closer to systems that generate data to enable faster operations. Suitable for: Small to medium-sized businesses.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers are massive and house thousands of servers. They are designed to be highly scalable by adding more devices and equipment or increasing system power. Suitable for: Hyperscale data centers are best for large enterprises with massive amounts of data to store and manage.

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