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The Body Shop distribution centre installs RFID locker solutions

RFID lockers at The Body Shop

The Body Shop distribution centre installs RFID locker solutions

At the main The Body Shop distribution centre in Littlehampton, three large-scale Traka intelligent radio frequency identification (RFID) locker systems have been installed.

Traka highlights that the new RFID lockers will ensure intelligent management and accountability of assets, enhance security and streamline operations.

According to the company, the first uses Traka’s multi-bay cradle locker solution to manage 30 VoCollect voice-picking devices and Bluetooth headsets, all charged and ready to operate.

The second houses 40 Falcon handheld scanners, managed by Traka’s specialist Asset Master Locker range with charging and battery points located.

The final system presents secure storage for a kit of equipment, specifically designed for the forklift truck drivers, with each locker compartment containing a Falcon scanner, Radio and Printer.

The company says that each locker solution is offered with RFID asset detection and specialist TrakaWEB software, to provide managers with instant audit control capability to establish exact times when physical devices are removed and returned to lockers.

Intelligent RFID lockers

“To keep up with high demands, our distribution centre operates 24/7,” said the Shift Manager responsible for the project.

“It is constantly evolving, driving new standards in design and use of technology to ensure our products reach our stores to meet our loyal customer demands.

“To operate at maximum capacity, we need to make it as simple and as quick as possible for authorised colleagues to not only gain access to the devices they need but also ensure they are operational and in good working order.

“With the introduction of Traka, we have eliminated manual control, plus we have a complete audit on all devices that we can access from anywhere.

“We have already noted increased accountability, traceability and fault logging, all coming together to reduce lost time and enhance operational efficiency.”

Traka says that the three RFID locker solutions have been installed in two separate locations around the distribution centre, to ensure staff can easily access equipment in their work area.

The eliminates the need to travel to a central location and reducing the need to queue to access or organise equipment has led to improved productivity at the start and end of shift periods.

Traka has also ensured all systems operate using existing Paxton Net 2 access control cards to minimise facility disruption during or after installation.

Limited access

Access to different assets and equipment in the RFID lockers can only be granted to authorised personnel for their identified job specification, with staff only able to take one device or kit at a time.

“The introduction of Traka systems to a global distribution centre such as The Body Shop demonstrates how simple process enhancements can make a significant difference,” said Lee Payne, Traka Business Development Manager.

“From the initial brief through to implementation, we worked closely with the team to identify the exact requirements for each site and the accessibility needs for staff.

“We understood the need for curfew notifications, fault logging and careful authorised access control.

“We planned with the team to separate out the systems into specific work areas and use the Traka orange to help the locker systems stand out, all to ensure vital time could be saved for staff and management.

“The result is a smoother, more efficient operation throughout the supply chain, helping The Body Shop continue its mission of delivering its best-loved ethical beauty products.”

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