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Server Cabinet VS Network Cabinet?

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Server Cabinet VS Network Cabinet?

– Server cabinets are mostly used to install servers, UPS ES, monitors, or similar equipment.

– Network cabinets usually store equipment like a networking router, patch panels, switches.

1. Depth

Server cabinets may have similar heights to network cabinets. The depth may differ, however, since servers are different in depth.

2. Design and Airflow

Network devices do not generate a lot of heat, but servers do. Server cabinets come with perforated doors for ventilation. Network cabinets have tempered glass or polycarbonate doors.

3. Cable Management

Servers come with a limited number of cables. In addition, it can be portable, and cable management can be a problem.

Network equipment tends to have many cables; therefore, network cabinets have many features for easy and quick cable management.

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