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Power over Coaxial (PoC) & PoE

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Power over Coaxial (PoC) & PoE

PoC : Is a technology, not quite a standard, that lets you transmit both power and video signal over the same coaxial cable.
Still i did not test it yet but maybe we will run (POC) proof on concept to test it and i will share my experience .
POE : Stands for Power over Ethernet, is a technology that lets you deliver both electrical power and data over a single Ethernet cable
⭕ Here’s what you’ll need to run a PoC solution:
✅ PoC-compatible cameras and DVR : These cameras are designed to receive power and transmit video over the same coaxial cable.
✅ PoC-compatible power supply or injector: This device provides the power that gets sent over the coaxial cable to the camera.
✅ Coaxial cable: Standard coaxial cable like RG59 is typically used for PoC applications. Make sure the cable length is within the supported range of your PoC system (usually up to 200 meters).

⭕ Important things to note:
✅ PoC is not a universally adopted standard, so compatibility between cameras and power supplies is crucial.
✅ PoC systems typically have limitations on power delivery compared to traditional power supplies. This might restrict camera features that require high power and also Special DVR.

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