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A network operations center (NOC) and a security operations center (SOC) are both important parts of an organization’s IT infrastructure, but they have different roles a NOC is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the organization’s network infrastructure. This includes tasks such as:

✳Monitoring network traffic for errors or suspicious activity
✳Identifying and resolving network outages
✳Upgrading and configuring network devices
✳Ensuring that the network is compliant with security standards

A SOC, on the other hand, is responsible for protecting the organization from cyber threats.
This includes tasks such as:

✴Monitoring for malicious activity, such as malware and intrusions
✴Investigating security incidents
✴Responding to security incidents
✴Mitigating the risk of future security incidents

It is common for the NOC and SOC to be separate units. This is because the NOC and SOC have different skillsets and focus on different areas of IT operations.

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