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How major VMS companies tackle cybersecurity

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In the evolving landscape of physical security, the shift to digital platforms is both a boon and a challenge. The increasing dependence on Video Management Systems (VMS) underscores the merging of physical and digital security realms. With cyber threats becoming increasingly complex, it’s imperative for industry experts to fortify their VMS defenses.

As digital transformation gains momentum across various sectors, the importance of stringent cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. This holds especially true for Video Management Systems (VMS), where the fusion of physical and digital security intensifies the challenges. The move from traditional surveillance techniques to digital methods has expanded monitoring potentials but also paved the way for new vulnerabilities that cyber attackers can exploit.

VMS providers are navigating this digital shift, tasked with the dual roles of offering cutting-edge video surveillance solutions while also bolstering them against cyber threats. This piece delves into the strategies top VMS companies employ to navigate this complex domain, championing innovations that prioritize security without compromising on efficiency.

Security as a priority

Sandesh Kaup, Country Manager for India at Milestone Systems emphasized that cybersecurity is pivotal for all business types worldwide. For them, it remains central due to its potential impact on their operations, their clients’ businesses, and potential privacy breaches.

Milestone’s commitment is to equip their clients to counter these threats. Their Milestone XProtect is founded on “Secure by design” and “Privacy by default” principles, with Responsible Technology being their strategic cornerstone.

“Milestone believes cybersecurity and privacy go hand in hand. We proactively work to comply with the latest regulations, whether it’s the US Executive Order that focuses on improved cybersecurity across the nation, the European NIS2 directives, or any regional requirements,” Kaup said. “In fact, our XProtect platform is the only VMS that has been awarded a EuroPrise seal—soon to be an approved certification mechanism under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

“Some of our latest security-centric VMS releases include Single Sign-on using the Oauth2.0 and OpenID connect, as well as multi-factor authentications,” Kaup added. “Because we operate in the security industry, we invest significant development resources in making continual improvements in our encryption technology.”

Protecting data

William Hinton, Product Line Manager for Video at Genetec, conveyed their commitment to safeguarding any private data captured by their security systems.

​“It is more than regulations, it is the way we’ve always been developing our products, handling personal data with care,” Hinton said. “It comes by default in all of our portfolio, and we make it a core focus to continuously improve and help customers improve their security posture. Secure product coding, regular penetration testing, product certifications, and a responsive cybersecurity team are key. We implement several layers of defense that include multi-factor authentication, authorization as well as encryption. These layers of security should be built into the solutions and not be an afterthought or an extra feature set.”

The industry’s increased emphasis on cybersecurity has also paved way for certain trends. For instance, there has been an uptick in participation in industry forums and workshops, with leading companies collaborating to share best practices and address emerging threats. Such collaborative endeavors underline the industry’s commitment to raising the standard for security and ensuring that data protection remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Relentless testing

Srivikraman Murahari, VP – Products & Strategic Alliances at Videonetics, shed light on the company’s rigorous approach to cybersecurity. He emphasized that their Video Management System (VMS) aligns with the stringent requirements set forth by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Furthermore, client applications associated with Videonetics are not merely developed and released – they are subjected to in-depth vulnerability assessments, ensuring their robustness against potential threats.

Murahari also highlighted the company’s efforts in the realm of cybersecurity by pointing out the notable certifications. “Our VMS has been recognized and certified by industry-leading standards, such as ISO-27001, which primarily focuses on information security management. Additionally, our systems undergo Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) – a comprehensive evaluation method that determines system weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious entities,” he elaborated.

Complementing these are the adoption of several gold-standard protocols and benchmarks. This includes implementing multi-factor authentication which adds an extra layer of security, ensuring data transmissions remain confidential through HTTPS, and employing robust encryption mechanisms. These methods are pivotal not only for user authentication but also for safeguarding sensitive data. Other notable features include the single sign-on capability, the use of secure TLS for seamless and secure server-client communications, and innovative additions like video watermarking. This feature helps in copyright protection and verifying the authenticity of video content, while object locking and video tampering prevention mechanisms protect the integrity of the footage.

Beyond just cybersecurity measures, Murahari underscored Videonetics’ foresight in ensuring business operations remain uninterrupted. “We recognize that in today’s digital era, any downtime can have significant ramifications. Hence, we’ve established a solid business continuity plan complemented by a disaster recovery system. This framework guarantees an impressive 99 percent system availability, ensuring that our clients experience minimal disruptions,” he concluded.


In the swiftly transforming security landscape, merging the physical and digital domains poses fresh challenges for experts. While Video Management Systems (VMS) have revolutionized security and surveillance capabilities, they also attract advanced cyber threats. As the digital age progresses, the demand for foolproof cybersecurity intensifies.

This article’s insights reflect an industry-wide focus on proactive defense. From multi-factor authentication and encryption to compliance with global cybersecurity norms, the approaches may vary, but the ultimate objective remains the same: bolstering VMS defenses against potential intrusions and preserving data integrity.

Moreover, recognizing the need for ongoing refinement is pivotal. In an environment where static defense tactics can become outdated instantly, the emphasis is on dynamic, adaptive, and visionary solutions. Periodic penetration tests, stringent product certifications, and agile cybersecurity teams are vital in this relentless pursuit of digital robustness.

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