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Guide to Data Center Tiers

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Data center tiers are standardized rankings that indicate the reliability and availability of a data center’s infrastructure. They range from Tier I (least reliable) to Tier IV (most reliable). Here’s a quick breakdown:

Tier I: Basic capacity, offering minimal redundancy and the lowest uptime guarantee (99.671% or ~28.8 hours of downtime per year). Suitable for non-critical applications.
Tier II: Redundant components ensure better uptime (99.741% or ~22 hours downtime). Ideal for moderately critical applications.
Tier III: Concurrently maintainable, allowing repairs and upgrades without outages (99.982% or ~1.6 hours downtime). Perfect for mission-critical applications.
Tier IV: Fault tolerant, able to withstand any single equipment failure without downtime (99.995% or ~26.3 minutes downtime). Ideal for critical applications requiring maximum uptime.

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