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Guide to Calculating Battery Backup Time for Rack Systems

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Guide to Calculating Battery Backup Time for Rack Systems

⭕ Determine Power Consumption:

✅ Make a list of all the devices connected to the UPS or inverter in the rack.
✅ Find the power consumption (in watts) of each device. This information is usually provided on the device’s label or in the user manual.
✅ Sum up the power consumption of all connected devices to get the total load (in watts).

⭕ Check Battery Capacity

✅ Battery Capacity is the capacity of the UPS or inverter battery, which is typically expressed in ampere-hours (Ah) or watt-hours (Wh) and should be available on the device or its documenttaion.
✅ If Battery Capacity is given in ampere-hours, convert it to watt-hours by multiplying with the battery voltage

⭕ Estimate Battery Backup Time

✅ Use the following formula to estimate the backup time:
Backup Time = (Battery Capacity in watt-hours) / (Total Load in watts)

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