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📍Fiber Components and Properties.

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📍Fiber Components and Properties.

》Fiber strand component is known as (3Cs)

》Fiber Optic Core
This is the inner light-carrying member with a high index of refraction. It’s made of sold class. Core diameters are 62.5 μm, 50 μm, 8.3 μm.

This is the middle layer, which serves to confine the light to the core it acts like a boundary It has a lower index of refraction. The Cladding dimmer is 125 μm.

This is the outer layer, which serves as a “shock absorber” to protect the core and cladding from damage. The coating usually comprises one or more coats of Acrylate or plastic material to protect the Fiber from the physical environment. Sometimes metallic sheaths are added to the coating for further physical protection. The coating diameters are built up with 250 μm and uncoated to 900 μm. Also, it added with colour to help with Fiber identification.

To summarize Fiber stand components are named (3Cs) Core, Cladding and Coating. The core is where the light travels. The Cladding is the boundary to keep light in core. The coating helps protect the Fiber during handling.

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