⭕ cold aisle containment

Cold aisle containment (CAC) is a data center cooling strategy that isolates the cold aisle from the hot aisle. This is done by using physical barriers, such as ceiling panels, doors, and baffles, to prevent the mixing of cold and hot air.

⭕ The benefits of cold aisle containment:

✔ Improved cooling efficiency: CAC can help to improve data center cooling efficiency by up to 30%. This can save on energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of the data center.
✔ Improved reliability: CAC can help to improve data center reliability by preventing hot air from recirculating back into the cold aisle. This can help to prevent overheating and improve the lifespan of the IT equipment.
✔ Increased space utilization: CAC can help to increase space utilization by allowing for more IT equipment to be placed in the cold aisle.
✔ Reduced noise levels: CAC can help to reduce noise levels in the data center by preventing hot air from being exhausted into the cold aisle.

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